How you can have everything you want
(even if you don’t know where to start)

Psst.. it starts inside

Want to know what's actually going to make a difference in your life?

Whether you’re...

  • Left awake at night wondering how to possibly share with your partner about your finances or business.

  • Overworked and underpaid even though you’re a rockstar at what you do.

  • Stuck feeling like you’re in a rut and no matter what you do or say, things ain’t unsticking.

  • Tired, so damn tired, of housework, of the business, of the mundane while trying to be Mom of the Year while everyone else seems to be glowing up online and you’re left in the dust.

  • Know you deserve more but have no idea where to even begin.

Kyle is the easiest person to talk to. I could speak with him all day and gain so much clarity.” Linda 


However, this is what most people say to themselves...

Take a moment to acknowledge yourself for the progress you have made towards creating the life that you want.

Now, take a second to think about the effort you have put in and the results you have delivered—both in respect to your empowerment and resilience.

I imagine, you would say, the time you have committed has not produced the results you are desiring

Getting Inspired

You’ve tried the gurus running 3-day challenges that promised to change your life

Good Intentions

You've created and planted affirmations that felt nice but didn’t give you the money or freedom you desire

Trying & Trying

You sure as heck have invested in yourself; through programs and systems and books that made short-term changes but nothing that’s really stuck

Hey everybody, I'm Kyle

I have a deep connection with nature and my surroundings. I am fortunate to have a loving wife and family nucleus that push me to go further.

The moment someone recognizes themselves as more powerful than they know themselves to be-- that lights me up. Being with someone inside of this moment is exciting as they see the world new, and they see how their power can create whatever life they want for themselves.

I always struggled with having to be liked by others. How this showed up for me was that I would be quiet, hide from responsibilities, and take out my frustrations on myself and those around me.

It showed up as overeating, undersleeping and procrastinating with any deadline until the last moment.

It had me be protective, critical, and, sometimes, downright mean in my relationships with others.

After working on my own mindset in 2009, a moment struck me where I was awakened to a voice inside my head. It was telling me "you're stupid" and "you're not good enough". Talk about negative Nancy up in there.

Getting clear on this voice, its impact on my life and how to overcome it gave me access to transform the quality of my present and future.

What was next? Many years of building resilience to recognize when the voice in my head was speaking and when my true, authentic self was in control and choosing to live my life by my word rather than my circumstances and feelings.

And now? I help others do the same. 

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And just for the heck of it, I thought you should know fun and play is at my core.
I invite you to bring it into your own life.

Here are some of my favourite fun things to do...

  • I'm a huge Waboba fan. If you don't know what a Waboba is and you live near water you need to get to know what a Waboba is. Immediately.
  • I love riding my bike with nowhere to go.
  • Playing my ukelele and singing loudly is a joy only I (and my Mom) enjoy.
  • I may be approaching what they believe to be middle aged but my NBA dreams are alive and well.
  • It's surprisingly fun to read science fiction novels with your partner. Especially when poorly doing the voices of each and every character, differently, every time they speak.

Ultimately, here's what I believe...

You deserve any kind of life that you truly desire.
And, YOU can have any quality of life that you’re committed to creating