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Done For You Shopify Sites That Sell 

...because it’s time to simplify the sh*tout of
building your Shopify website
Shopify Expert & Designer, Melissa Paterson


“We’re steadily hitting $10K months
without even touching IG. Thank you!”

Diana K., badass business owner & artist
(who had a goal to never open IG for business again)

If the entrée of your business was more freedom and time in your life with a side helping of extra 0’s in your bank account would you give yourself that delicious opportunity

Or would you continue to…

  • Hold onto the false beliefs you’ve been told all your life like “artists don’t make money” or your gift and talent is “just a hobby”.

  • Say Etsy is “enough” for you and your biz. Even though their fees are steadily rising and it feels like you’re just a number in their system.

  • Feel uncertain regarding your financial future, stuck in a rut trying to figure out how to run your entire business yourself or just plain worn out from doing it all without the results you see others having.

  • Ride the income rollercoaster, never knowing where the next sale is coming from or feeling guilty your mom and sister-in-law are your main customers.

If you’re ready to learn to speak your ideal client’s love language so that they come running to snag your last portrait slot mid-March & beyond-ready to say sayonara to Etsy  
(while blowing those naysayers out of the water)…

Then let's chat!

By partnering with me and creating a Done For You Shopify Site that Sells, you’ll discover how to maintain and run your Shopify website that’s not just a pretty face but also highly functional.

And ticks the boxes on:

  • Functionality for your customers so shopping is made easy.
  • Fun and fitting so it finally feels aligned to your message and purpose.
  • AND makes sales easier and slime-free.

Why You Want an Ex-Shopify Employee on Your Team

Hey, I’m Mel!

Former Shopify employee & complete Shopify fanatic
(I have Google alerts on my phone for Shopify-- it’s that bad. But it’s that good for you!)

I acknowledge you for being here in the nitty-gritty of it with your business.

Choosing a platform is only part one,
deciding whether to DIY or find your dream designer is the next challenge.

And if you’re here, I know you’re already a powerhouse female entrepreneur.

I also know you have big dreams, that are larger than just a yellow Lambo or Gucci slippers.
Like my client (and now friend) Jen, who was able to take a full maternity leave (and make money) without worrying about her website being another overwhelming to-do on her new Mom list.

I also know that you know that having a solid website with a foundation based solely on how you serve your ideal clients is #1.

Even if you’re not sure what that looks like yet.

And you’re flippin’ brilliant at what you do.

And deep down you understand that no one can do what you do quite like you AND that you can’t keep spending your time on things that keep you from doing what you’re uniquely amazing at.

*waves a neon sign* Hello, this is where I come in!

Not only am I your very own Shopify Guru (once a Shopify Guru, always a Shopify Guru) and former Shopify employee, but I’m also an artist.

I know the struggles of shipping oddly shaped, bulky or heavy objects to a country I’d never heard of before.

I did it while learning what Kylie Jenner and Nike were doing behind the scenes of their online stores to make them blow up their newest collections, like Kylie's lip kit
(which crashed the platform when it went live in 2016).

I went from broke and would-be starving artist, but not quite, (thanks to my husband’s paycheque), to booked out in two months.

People now wait for my painting slots to open and I'm able to create cash on demand.

Now I paint when I want & what I want while focusing on projects that excite me.

3 Reasons You Want to Simplify
Building Your Website

  • Your clients will fall in love with you:Then they’ll rave about you and do the sharing for you. The #1 thing I hear is “I don’t know how to drive traffic”. My clients flip the switch on this sitch and have their customers do the sharing while also mesmerizing Google visitors.

  • No more adding to your to-dos:Shopify is designed to bring all of your online spaces into one area. From your Facebook Shop, to product tagging on Instagram and even getting setup on Amazon, having an all-in-one solution is the most effective way to save time (and money).

  • Doing it alone and in the dark sucks: It’s time to shine a light on your business and with my help we’ll make sure it’s looking slick, is saying all the right things and matches your mission. 

Here’s What You Get

1:1 Intro call: You + Me get together to deep dive into the goals for the website, who your ideal client is and what they really want so we can create something that makes them (and you) giddy with joy!

Getting Started Homework:
Because no one wants to be left wondering what’s next? My Getting Started Homework includes everything I’ll need from you (types of imagery, copywriting and branding assets-- like your logo) plus expectations and deadlines so your project goes off without a hitch and you can start making sales as quickly as possible.

A bang-on branded business website:I create everything with your client's wants, needs and desires in mind, so they'll flip through your collections, fill their carts and be left wanting more. The ultimate symbol of success is your website in their bookmarks to come back to time and time again.

1:1 Training call:
Before it’s all said and launched, you and I hop on a Zoom call and ensure you understand how to make changes to your Shopify site, how to use any apps that have been setup for you and answer any questions you may have. With Shopify, ongoing maintenance fees are a thing of the past.

And Because I Like You

30-days access to my VIP FB Group: This Facebook group is an exclusive space to come and collaborate, ask questions and get my eyes on your site for the next 30-days post-launch. Plus, exclusive Q&As via Zoom once per month to ask your specific Q’s. 


Take the Terror Out of Content Creation

Creating Content That Matters is a training program I designed that helps you to create your post-launch content and traffic driving plan 30-days at a time.

This 45-minute self-study training includes a spreadsheet and a system that personally took my handmade business from overwhelmed to abundant in sales, without feeling like I was hounding people all the time or juggling social media accounts, funnels or emails to make it happen.

Want to add your wins alongside these other incredible Makers?

Then get the support and thriving business you deserve and demand to be seen online...  


Questions Artisans & Artists Ask
Before Saying “Let’s Do This!” to a Done For You Shopify Site That Sells...

Here’s What I Truly, Honest to Goodness Believe:

I’ll say it once and I’ll say it 1000 more times until women artists and artisans start to absorb it

What you do is transformational, a gift maybe passed down from your Mother or Grandmother and given to women and men who can’t comprehend how you possibly do it, sculpt it, bake it, create it.
You inspire and ignite passion through pure inspiration of who you are.

How you serve is with unconditional love. Sure, there can be frustrating moments, yet you persevere.
You put up with crummy conversations, bad weather and the negative reviews (I'm lookin’ at you, USPS) and yet you get up, put on your yoga pants, throw your hair in a bun and get on the computer every day, sometimes with a baby on your hip and a dog whining for a walk. You’re a complete badass.

Who you are is a remarkable woman. Powerhouse is the word I like to use, but see if any of these fit nicely; ambitious, unstoppable, strong.

You’re my kind of person. And I’d be honoured to support you in creating a website you’re proud to share for years to come.

Ready to get started?
Let's get this show on the road!


A few kind words from a few my favourite people...

I never thought I’d make any real money as an artist.

Now I'm making consistent $5K months and sell out my collections within a day of posting.

It feels amazing! - Michelle 

Mel has been helping me behind the scenes for so long, helping me pivot and make big changes in my business. Without all of the disruptions with COVID I would’ve been too scared to make the leap.

Thank you for helping me not just with my website but for encouraging my dreams, even when I didn’t see it for myself. - Cheryl 

I made one change in my business after Etsy closed my store down.

I said, I’m going full in and and I did it. Mel made it easy and I returned my investment in under a month.

Work with Melissa! - Diana