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Powerhouse Shopify Support 

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“Mel is so down to earth and makes it easy to understand how to make changes and why, to increase our sales."

Angelina S.

The Dish...

  • My eyes on your site, Monday to Friday: New photography not uploading crisply? Theme doing something weird and wonky? Have your eye on a new app but not sure it will play well with others? I'll tell you!
  • Monthly Live Q&A: Get me eyes on your site, literally, through our monthly group Zoom call. 10 minutes to run through whatever you want my eyes on and feedback on how to uplevel your website.
  • E-Commerce Experts:Workshops, Training and Webinars exclusive to YOU. Whether it's about increasing your conversion rates, how to perfectly craft your uncopyable copy, or how-to launch a mega-offer to a new market.
  • Shopify Support+: Don't wait two weeks to find out if Shopify can or can't do something you need. Get the answers you need NOW so you're not stuck on hold with your business.

Keep The Party Going!

Designed for clients who want to get the most out of their Shopify sites, this pay-as-you-go program is perfect for the busy entrepreneur who needs answers quickly.
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By partnering with me and creating and joining the Powerhouse Shopify Support crew, you’ll get VIP access to me while maintaining your website and learning how to make it work for your business

Questions Artisans & Artists Ask
Before Saying "heck yes!" to Powerhouse Shopify Support

Here’s What I Truly, Honest to Goodness Believe:

I’ll say it once and I’ll say it 1000 more times until women artists and artisans start to absorb it

What you do is transformational, a gift maybe passed down from your Mother or Grandmother and given to women and men who can’t comprehend how you possibly do it, sculpt it, bake it, create it.
You inspire and ignite passion through pure inspiration of who you are.

How you serve is with unconditional love. Sure, there can be frustrating moments, yet you persevere.
You put up with crummy conversations, bad weather and the negative reviews (I'm lookin’ at you, USPS) and yet you get up, put on your yoga pants, throw your hair in a bun and get on the computer every day, sometimes with a baby on your hip and a dog whining for a walk. You’re a complete badass.

Who you are is a remarkable woman. Powerhouse is the word I like to use, but see if any of these fit nicely; ambitious, unstoppable, strong.

You’re my kind of person. And I’d be honoured to support you in supporting a website you’re proud to share for years to come.